i had two panic attacks today,

so amy feels sad today
so i’m trying to comfort her even though i relapsed like half an hour ago and have been crying all day
ha h a
i’m such a hypocrite i’ll tell everyone how worthy they are and then do this to myself
i’m struggling financially too so i need to get a job but my mental health isnt improving so im not sure if thatll be possible
this is too overwhelming for me fuck fuck fuck

cant be arsed with choir tonight
but i have to go to evensong uuuuughhhhh


i was too kinky for that boy anyway


Model: Mistress Dee, professional dominatrix
Photographed by: Amberlyn Photography


dudes that rub the clit when it’s dry need to be arrested


my hair is the colour of my lips



Doble Strap Heart Garter